Riding Clothes

When I am riding, I like to stay on the horse. Horses like to thrill us from time to time by moving in odd ways when we least expect it. Like bucking or shying or bolting or ..you fill in your experience.
Lycra and loose jeans are real comfortable – and very slippery against the saddle.

I stay sticky in the saddle by always riding with chaps and jeans that really fit well. Leather against leather like to stay together. I can’t number the times that I have maintained my seat, balance and authority it the saddle because I had on “sticky” pants. The English riders have addressed this a long time ago by making full seat breeches.
But, here lies the contradiction – you don’t want your feet to be sticky in the stirrup. Again, the slippery leather boot is highly preferable to sticky athletic shoes.

Above the waist, the long sleeved shirt or long sleeved t-shirt are the best. OOO, but you say that it is too hot to wear long sleeves. Well, if you might notice, the people who live in the hot desert wear long loose robes that keep them cool by “natural” air conditioning. Besides, we don’t want to give skin cancer a foot hold.

Next is the head. I know, nobody likes the way their hair looks after wearing a helmet. I, too, was of that mind set until I woke up in the ICU and lost 3 days of my conscious life. Enough said.
And please make sure the helmet is snug on your head AND buckle the chin strap. You are not a 13 year old on a skate board. Remember you are on a 1000 pound animal that could pull your sedan out of the ditch. Besides, the medical community still has not figured out how to reverse traumatic brain damage
The helmet I wear is made of titanium and it fits so well that I forget I have it on. I actually ride better with my helmet on. My husband worries a whole lot less too.
If you choose not to dress properly for safe riding, then just don’t ride at all. You probably wouldn’t enjoy it.

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