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Riding Clothes

When I am riding, I like to stay on the horse. Horses like to thrill us from time to time by moving in odd ways when we least expect it. Like bucking or shying or bolting or ..you fill in your experience. Lycra and loose jeans are real comfortable – and very slippery against the […]

Respect on the Ground

If your horse walks you and not you walk the horse, if you have to back up when your horse gets near you, then you have not yet earned your horse’s respect. Your horse may love you and nicker when you are approaching. But, that your horse respects you is a whole different deal. Remember, […]

The Making of a Fine Western Horse and Rider using Cowboy Dressage® Training

– Riding with a Soft Feel – (the Language of Lightness in the conversation between horse and rider) Cowboy Dressage is a powerful Western horsemanship training discipline whose goal is developing a sound, supple, responsive and happy horse ridden in self-carriage with a soft feel and nearly imperceptible cues. Any horse, doing any discipline, will […]